Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Month of Thanks: Week Three

This is week three of my "Month of Thanks" series. If you missed the first two weeks, you can get caught up here and here.

Now, week three has come as kind of a challenge for me because, let's be honest, after the first few major things on the list, it's a bit difficult to think of more. But, I persisted and came up with a few more things I'm grateful for.

{1} The interwebs. Yep. Even with all of the negative stuff that you can find online, I still love that it exists. Today, we have access to so much more information than was previously possible. We can connect with people on the other side of the world with the click of a button! It just amazes me that the world is literally at my finger tips. Plus, without it, I would not be writing this right now and you would not be reading it and we would not be growing in community. It's just a fact. Also a fact? No human could survive the low pressure of Mars. If you went to Mars without an appropriate space suit, the oxygen in your blood would literally turn into bubbles, causing immediate death. [[I actually don't know if that's true. It just came up when I searched for "random facts." Whatever. You have internet. You do the research! =] ]]

{2} Hot herbal tea. More specifically, Celestial Seasonings. There aren't a whole lot of ailments that a good strong cup of herbal tea won't fix. I use it for falling asleep, headaches, sinus congestion...pretty much everything. But don't ask me what my favorite blend is, because I don't have one and I don't want to try to have one because they're all too delicious. Also, I hate favorite things. [[No I don't.]]

This is my current tea collection. Yep...count 'em. 15 teas. It's a little outrageous, I know...but I'm telling you...I love the stuff!

{3} Seasons. I love the changing of seasons here in Central Illinois. The melting of the snow and blooming of flowers and leaves in spring, the melting of my face and the uncontrollable frizz of my hair in the summer [[okay so I really, really don't like summer...]] but then comes the cool crisp air of autumn and the crunch of fallen leaves under your boots, and finally, winter brings the freshness of snow and the icy bite of the wind [[also it brings warm, cozy sweaters and things like, I don't know, hot herbal tea!]] Winter is by far my favorite season, but I really appreciate that I even get to have seasons. I don't know what I would do if I moved to a place with only one or two seasons. For serious.

So, tell me, what things are you thankful for this week? I would love to hear from you!

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