Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Official!!

For those of you who didn't read this post, or didn't otherwise know, the husband and I have been in the process of becoming foster parents officially since the end of February. There was a boat load of paperwork, a 9 week class [[which was great and I recommend that anyone  thinking about becoming a parent, foster or not, take this course. p.s. it's free!]] and several home visits.

There was a lot of anxiety involved, for me not Josh, because I had this nagging thought that our home isn't good enough, that they would see a speck of dust and tell us that we were unfit to be foster parents. I thought that they would see something in our personalities and decide that we are crazy and thus unfit to be foster parents. Lot's of insane things like that. I also became frustrated because there is just a ton of waiting around. Waiting for our fingerprints to be run, waiting for a date to be free when the licensing worker can come by and check us out, waiting for our background checks to go through the system, waiting and waiting and waiting.

The whole process has really been teaching me that it is all in God's timing. Not mine. If it were up to me, we would have received a call in May [[when we finished the class]] asking us if we would take in a 0-1 year old. However, after months and months of waiting, we happily received our official, state-issued license in the mail last Saturday! Unfortunately, that means more waiting. We have already received one placement call, however we didn't feel like the child was going to be a good match for our family so we, sadly, had to decline this time. But we have faith that God has a plan and he will bring the absolute most perfect child into our home...when He is ready to do so.

If you would like to get email updates from us about the process, please send an email to: and let us know!

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