Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PRR: Sweet Potato Fries

The Husband and I have been on a bit of a sweet potato fries kick lately. We found a frozen brand at our grocery store that we really like. They come out of the oven fairly crispy but we mostly enjoy them for their flavor. [[They have chipotle pepper on them...YUM!]]

So, seeing that there was a recipe on Pinterest for "The Best Sweet Potato Fries Ever!" I just had to make them this week's Pinterest Recipe Review. Find the original recipe here.

Soaking the fries.

Finished product.
I apologize for the lack of interesting photos, but I was really trying to crank these out because we were just really hungry...So sadly, I wasn't thinking about this post very much...


The breakdown:

 - Simple recipe.
- They taste delicious.
- They really were as crispy as advertised!

- Due to user error, there was too much cornstarch and so some of the fries developed a very hard outer shell.
- Also due to user error, they weren't very well seasoned...

So, what's my verdict?

Go ahead and give these babies a shot! The only problems with this batch arose from me being in a hurry and not fully reading the recipe. Otherwise, they were really, amazingly delicious, and they were easy. [[Which is very important in our modern, hectic world.

Have a recipe request? Did you give this recipe a try? Did you agree or disagree with my assessment? Send me an email and let me know!

[[ ]]

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