Friday, August 10, 2012

Snapshots: Life As of Late

I feel like as of a few weeks ago, life has just gotten crazy hectic.

Not that my time has been completely filled to the brim with activities, but that when I do actually have time for myself, my very last concern is coming up with a new thing to post about.

But, hey, it's still give me a break.

A few weeks ago, Josh and I went down to SC for a visit with his family.

This wasn't scary at all...

I'm obviously married to the best looking man around...obviously.

Since I wouldn't get out of the boat [[I have a thing about murky water...]] my husband left a note on the beach so it looked like I got out.

Half eaten horseshoe crab that Josh found...that thing stank something fierce!

Shrimp boat.

This thing wasn't big at all...

I mean, honestly, the things you see in the south...

Reminds me of the church we used to attend when I was little...
 Another reason for my lack of blog posts is that I have been too focused on getting my Etsy Shop updated. I have been working on some new marketing strategies and trying to focus my products. Instead of offering up a variety of items and seeing what sells, I will now be focusing on one specific type of product and moving on from there. I will have a couple of new items up starting some time next week [[assuming all goes according to plan...]].

I hope y'all have had an amazing week, and that you have an equally amazing weekend!

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