Monday, April 8, 2013


This week, I turn 24. Wednesday at 9:24pm to be exact. To celebrate my birthday week, I'm going to do a week long series of posts.

Today's post?

24 Facts About Me:

{1} I am crazy good at remembering things, whether it is names/faces, or a childhood memory. Josh thinks I'm a stalker because I can recognize people even if I've only seen them once or twice. Example: We were at the midnight premier of The Hunger Games and I saw a woman walking up the aisle towards us. I told Josh, "I know her." He said "Of course you do." "It's the lady who sliced our cheddar at the grocery store last month..." I explained. He just nodded.

{2} Sometimes I think in the voice of Louis Armstrong.

{3} I love to host guests at our home. I put that down to never having friends over when I was younger. [[Seriously, I rarely had friends over to my house.]] Now, I think I'm just trying to make up for lost time. We have friends over at least twice a week.

{4} I had a spare hour in my schedule my Senior year in high school, and decided to fill it with Physics instead of Trigonometry because I loved science and hated math. No one informed me that Physics is only math...My teacher realized early on that I wasn't qualified to be in his class so he went super easy on me. "Oh, you wrote down the problems for the assignment but weren't able to solve any of them? I'll give you 2 out of 3 points for effort." I somehow ended that class with a B+...

{5} My favorite car is the Koenigsegg. If you have Netflix, watch one of the episodes of Top Gear where they review this car. It's beautiful and frightening at the same time.

{6} I do crosswords to keep my brain sharp.

{7} I was against being a musician for most of my life. [[You can't play sports and an instrument...are you nuts?]] Somehow I ended up as a music major in college. [[Well...for a year...I don't really fit in with that particular crowd...]]

{8} I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners.

{9} I am the oldest of four girls. [[My poor father...He claims that God gave him daughters because when he was younger he said "If I ever have a daughter, I'm going to flush her down the toilet." Thankfully, he didn't follow through with that.]]

{10} When I was younger I always pictured my twenty-something year old self as a lady with big hips, and short hair. Oh, and my face was completely different. Like...I would take someone else's face and put it on this ginormous body.

{11} When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut. My dad told me he didn't want me to do that because I'd get blown up. I set my sights a little lower and told him that I wanted to be the first woman president. He told me that I couldn't do that either because I would get shot.

{12} I identify with this song.

{13} I love watching Disney Channel Original movies. [[My favorite? Geek Charming. It's on Netflix. Watch it.]]

{14} I love David Bowie.

{15} My favorite genre is Sci-Fi. [[this applies to books, movies, TVseries, etc.]]

{16} If too many people are into something, I won't like it. [[Why I said no to Relient K, Butler basketball, & Harry Potter.]]

{17} I like having new friends but I'm terrible at meeting them. [[Problems of an introverted extrovert.]]

{18} I don't like receiving a bouquet of flowers because why would I want a bunch of dying flowers? Josh has resorted to buying me potted plants instead. 

{19} I got my first ever cavity this year.

{20} I want to get rid of our TV, but I like watching movies and Doctor Who too much.

{21} I always knew that I was pretty geeky [[I would spend my recess under a tree reading books.]] But it wasn't until high school that I discovered the "Nerd World" and it took me until college to really embrace my nerdiness. 

{22} I don't like being in the mountains. Everyone I know just loves it, [[the fresh air, the beauty, etc.]] but it makes me physically ill to be in the mountains. I get car sick when driving through them, I get migraines from the elevation, it's just not fun for me. I found all of this out on our honeymoon to Denver.

{23} I don't understand the thought process behind getting a pet. 

{24} My life isn't where I thought it would be, but I wouldn't change a thing.

At this point, you know me pretty well. I would love to get to know you better! Tell me 5 things about yourself. 

Much love,

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