Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Meetup of Influential Women

Hey y'all!


Now that I am back to having free internet [[girl ain't paying no $12 a day!]] I decided I should probably jump in on the link up through the Influence Network [[linked up at The Kubly Girl.]] If you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for?? Go join. Now. I'll wait.

3 Things About Me:

  • I don't drink coffee because I'm addicted to caffeine, I drink it because I enjoy a well prepared cup of coffee. Now, tea...that's a different story. I can say that I am addicted to tea. Hot tea, cold tea, green, herbal, you name it, I'll drink it. [[Though I do try to steer clear of super caffeinated teas.]]
  • Growing up, I refused to do anything musical, especially sing, in front of people, namely my father. I was super intimidated because dear ol' Dad is basically a professional singer and my younger sisters showed promise straight out of the womb. For some reason, come junior year of high school, I came out of my shell and joined the youth group worship team and haven't stopped singing/playing instruments since. 
  • Food is my love language. I know it's not an "official" love language, but I cook for people I want to love on. I love an intimate gathering over a steamy bowl of soup and I love boisterous get-togethers surrounding the grill.To put it simply, I love good food and I just love the way it brings people together.
What I've Gained Through the Influence Network:
I have really been enjoying the classes offered through the Network. I actually joined the network so that I could attend the How to Creatively Fund Your Adoption course taught by the lovely Lauren Casper. [[You can check out her blog here.]] + there are many other benefits [[for example, the forums.]] Seriously though. If you are not a part of this network of beautiful ladies yet, JUMP ON IT!!! [[here's the link again. Just to make it easy on  ya...]]


  1. Cuuutie! Your glasses are awesome. I'm really not a cook but I do love cooking for others to show love. It should be a love language!

  2. Stopping by the link up. You are so adorable. :) def a new follower too because I read your about me. Love dr. Who!! And I love your glasses!!! :)