Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Total Beadlam

Abigail with her husband and two sons.

Today I want you to meet the beautiful face behind Total Beadlam. Her name is Abigail and she creates beaded jewelry. I met Abigail on a trip to Miracle Camp last spring and we instantly became friends as we bonded over music and all things homemade.

Abigail was inspired to begin beading by her mother who started a few years before she did. After getting married and moving away, she went through a period where she missed her mother and wished that she had started beading with her. She started out by taking a few basic beading classes at a local shop and became obsessed. She then decided to begin selling her wares online.

When trying to come up with a name for her online shop, Abigail went back to her Texas roots. She grew up showing horses. Her mother hosted quite a few horse shows where they lived. A phrase her mother used to describe how things were going there was "total bedlam," which Abigail said was quite accurate with all the people coming and going. 

Abigail has some ready-made pieces and enjoys creating custom pieces as well. She loves the process of communicating and creating with her customers.

If you would like to connect with Abigail, you can find her:

-on Etsy: 
-on Facebook:
-or you can email her at: mrsdhodz {at} yahoo {dot} com

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