Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hesed Design

Today I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine. We met at church, a little over a year ago. She is one person who inspired me to put myself out there and start up a handmade business of my own. I saw this awesome young woman who was being bold and creating and I thought "I want to be like her." This past December, we spent some time together at a local winery taking part in a Christmas Market. We sold a few things, and got to know other local artisans [[which was awesome!]] I actually bought a pair of her earrings for a Christmas present for myself and I love them! Which is why I want to share her with all of you!

Meg McCormick's accessory line is called Hesed Design. She grew up playing softball and found her love for accessories when she was a sophomore in college. She has never had formal training and has harnessed all of her skill for creating from trial and error.

She designs and creates bold and unique upcycled accessories. If you are looking for a statement piece to spice up your wardrobe, look no further! You can find her on Etsy and Twitter. Also, for those of you in the Central Illinois area, you can find her at The Pod in Uptown Normal.

Hesed means loving kindness, mercy, goodness, and steadfast love

Hesed Design products are built on the definition of the Hebrew word Hesed. In every piece that is made you will see the time and love that went into the craftsmanship and know that you are getting an accessory that will be in your array of wears for years to come.  
Every piece that Meg makes is upcycled.  The word upcycled means to make something old into something new. Old, broken pieces of jewelry, fabric, buttons, [[basically anything]] are all revamped into something that everyday women can wear to make a statement.

If you have something outdated that you used to love and wear all the time, contact Meg and she will be glad to make it into something you will wear and love once again!

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