Friday, August 17, 2012

Operation Foundation Fix

Before we purchased our house  back in January, we were warned by everyone "Make sure you take into account all of the perks of being a homeowner." We figured that there would be things to fix or update [[I mean, our house was built in the 60's after all.]] but I thought they would be small things. Put in a new sink. Trade out the old outlets for something more updated. You know...the easy stuff.

When we moved in, we noticed that the carpet was pretty ratty and instantly thought "This must be replaced."
If your carpet is still this grimy after 3 SHAMPOOS...that's disgusting and it needs to be replaced.

This is what the under side of the carpet looked like as we were tearing it up. How does this even happen? [[I'll tell you...not vacuuming...ever. That's how.]]
 So in May, we undertook the project of replacing it with laminate flooring because it is much easier to keep looking nice than carpet. [[Especially in the front room where all the traffic from the front door comes through.]] A few weeks after the guy put in the floor, we found out in a roundabout manner that he noticed that our foundation was leaning.

{1} Not sure why it took him 3 weeks to get this information to us.
{2} Not sure why the home inspector didn't notice this lean before we bought the house. [[I mean really...this wall was leaning a good 5-6 inches...isn't that something inspectors are trained to see?]]

So, last weekend was finally the weekend that we were able to get it fixed. This is where I am really thankful to have such wonderful family and friends! Just so happens that my uncle owns an excavating business and does this stuff all the time. [[Most recently on his son's new home, which needed all 4 walls redone...ouch!]] To help with costs, my uncle suggested that we get some of our friends to come over and help. We are seriously so blessed to have such willing and helpful friends!

Best in the biz.
Here is where things get serious.
Josh doing a little mortar grinding.

Tate taking a crack at it.

Luke and Will pouring concrete.
It stinks that we even had to fix this problem at all, but it rocks my face off that we have such great friends and family to help us out! Thanks guys!!

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