Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Sister...

Today is Friday. Usually Fridays are super fantastic days. Today is only a kind of fantastic day. My little sister Jami (well...she's not really little...she's 20...haha) is currently en route to HONDURAS! She will be interning with Youth For Christ there for 6 whole months!! Everyone is going to miss her (so this last week has been extremely rough with all the 'goodbyes' and stuff), but at the same time we are so super excited for her because this is such an amazing opportunity. Josh and I are so proud of her courage as she steps out in faith to follow the calling God has placed on her heart. What an amazing woman she is!!

If you'd like to follow her trip, click here to read her travel blog. Today she's stuck in an airport for three hours and then on a plane for several more hours so words of encouragement to her and prayers would be much appreciated, I'm sure!


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    1. No problem! She should have an introductory post coming up soon! =]