Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Camp

Every Labor Day weekend, my family descends on Miracle Camp. This year was extra interesting because along with my parents, sisters, Josh and me, we had two adopted brothers with us. One of them is actually dating my sister, but the other one was unofficially adopted as my older brother. My dad absolutely loved having the extra testosterone for the weekend and for half of the weekend, the guys actually had the majority, which they took full advantage of....

Here's a few photos from our weekend:

Sassy husband, Sister's Boyfriend - Ryan, Pops, New Brother - J Tan (or as everyone but Josh calls him - Jeremiah...)

Friday, Jack Jack and I got to spend the whole day together. Since we were driving through Chicago anyway, we decided to stop in at Ikea. True to her personality, she made one purchase. It was a pillow.

We're great at taking serious photos.

After about 30 takes, we only ended up with one photo where we were all looking at the camera...but that one is boring and won't be shared.

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